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LaCosta Lolly

Senior Partner


LaCosta Lolly’s expertise in processes, systems, transparency, and data analysis coupled with her years of management consulting experience have produced substantial results for clients in more than 23 countries and an array of industries. She began her career in the accounting field, quickly climbing the ranks for a technology company. Seeking skills and growth opportunities, she pursued the expansive field of real estate development through the management and oversight of more than $200 million in real estate development projects.

Her passion for the growth and development of small and mid-sized businesses led her to consulting with more than 300 clients. In 2008, she was ranked as one of the top ten freelance marketing and business strategy consulting providers out of more than 20,000 providers worldwide. The success with start-up and small businesses led her to work with mid-sized clients in hospitality, professional services, defense, healthcare, and technology; expanding her international experience.

Working with companies from conceptual stages through large, billion dollar businesses has led to results including explosive online and social engagement, streamlined operational efficiency, 50% employee turnover reduction, substantial cost savings, efficiency improvements, and revenue increases between 30-200%. Her unique, hands-on approach to growth strategies has improved change management compliance in client organizations by up to 90%, while helping organizations create processes and systems that will systematically generate predictable results for years to come.

Ultimately, her passion is for stable and effective economies drives results. Having worked with clients across the globe; she understands first-hand the vision of the entrepreneurs that will continue to build our global society, develop our future policies, and create jobs around the world. These visions are not just the foundation of our future, but the inspiration for future generations.