Ultimate Sales Mastery System

Delivering World-Class Marketing and Sales Systems and Accelerated Strategies to Maximize Your Sales Results

As sales performance remains a challenge, organizations that incorporate virtual training have shown substantially better results than their peers. The USMS system alone is a vital tool to drastically improve sales performance across any size organization. The system features 90 modules of content detailing the latest techniques in sales from preparation to follow up. Developed by leading experts in sales and sales management including renowned sales strategist, Gene McNaughton, this system brings together best practices in every critical area of sales in one convenient, easy-to-use video training platform.

The system provides up to a year of intense training when combined with field practice and skill mastery techniques. Throughout ninety modules of engaging, actionable content help individuals and teams alike to master sales skills that can reduce sales cycles, increase average value of deals, and improve closing ratios.

Individual Subscription

Take your sales career or business growth to the next level with a single user subscription designed to bolster your sales skills and create mastery of techniques that can maximize your return on energy. Sell more with less effort and time, shorten your sales cycles, and master the art of referrals with this amazing training package. The no-fuss single user subscription gives you exactly what you need – video training, download material, and progress reporting just for you.

Team or Company Subscriptions

Companies benefit from the private location within our system where managers can pull reports and see exactly who is training on the system in real time. Executive and manager level access allows you to organize groups into teams underneath specific managers, create reports, and manage performance based on each group or division in your organization.

With a private location for your business, you can be certain that your data is seen only by those who need the information. Plus, sales teams benefit from three complimentary coaching sessions valued at $3,500.00 to get your team started on the system.


Customization and Upgrades

Larger sales teams benefit from customized pricing, deep discounts, and extras that can make your content truly unique to your business. Contact our team for information on white label options, customized training content, and multiple locations for your team to manage large regional or national sales teams.

Customizations including language additions, content additions, and personalized coaching around the system are available to make your company’s experience unique to your business needs.

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