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It’s said that up to 60% of business strategies fail. Most often, the strategy is not the problem – it’s the execution. Working with hundreds of businesses around the globe, our Senior Partners have seen incredible initiatives fail due to a company’s lack of implementation. To correct this common challenge, GrowthSmart Consulting is focused on not only assisting in the development of effective strategies, but also in supporting a systematized, disciplined approach to ensure the strategy will succeed long-term.

To ensure that your strategic goals are efficiently, effectively and successfully implemented, GrowthSmart has created various flexible options including coaching, training, and consulting. This approach allows your company to choose the option that is best suited to your team, budget, and timelines.

Our velocity options allow your team to pace slowly and steadily toward their goals to include monthly accountability coaching and key performance reviews to more aggressive, full-service consulting that moves full speed ahead through deployment. GrowthSmart’s packages are completely customizable to your business needs. Through the assessment process, our partners work with leaders in your company to determine what solution is best for you.

Consulting Support

For companies who have staffing gaps or need to move faster, consulting support options provide your company with extensive support from our team of strategists, writers, graphic designers, coordinators, and technical specialists. Consulting arrangements free your team up to focus on high-level activities while our team provides the heavy lifting – teaching your team how to execute, deploy, and manage strategies along the way.

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For teams that want the benefit of moving quickly with less disruption of existing business and resource strain, consulting arrangements provide a more robust level of service. Foundational Consulting specifically addresses the assessment and strategic planning process by utilizing strategic planning efforts and phased strategic plans. Focusing on one-three strategies at a time, this approach is designed to disrupt your business less and build a stronger foundation for growth.

The cost of hiring additional experts in-house to manage strategies in sales, marketing, technology implementation, and training can not only cost millions of dollars annually, but can require longer periods of adjustment before deployment of new strategies. Consulting allows you to deploy strategies faster with experts while filling staffing gaps at a substantially lower cost. This approach means that your company’s strategies get executed, your key performance indicators are set, and processes are developed for in-house personnel to work with.


Foundational Consulting allows your company to execute and deploy strategies faster than coaching programs by utilizing expert consulting resources including consultants, trainers, technology experts, project managers, coordinators, communication specialists, and branding specialists. Your leadership team and other champions of the project will be supplemented by an entire support staff to create systems, processes, strategies, and tools to deploy a long-term phased plan over six to eighteen months. This approach can be less stressful on your staff and resources throughout the process of positioning for growth, sustainability, and profitability.

Unlike Transformational Consulting that addresses multiple strategies to transform your business, Foundational Consulting moves slower to focus on core foundational issues and growth strategies. This phased strategy tackles specific issues one step at a time fueling slower and more predictable change processes through a collaboration between your internal company expertise and our consulting resources. Phases of thirty to ninety days allow for faster movement through a phased plan than coaching with the same precise focus on limited strategies at any one time.


Not all companies have the support staff and in-house expertise to execute the strategies developed during the strategic planning or assessment process. Even effective strategies can fail due to a lack of execution or measurement. To ensure that your strategies get executed efficiently, effectively and successfully, GrowthSmart has created various flexible options including coaching, training, and consulting time. These arrangements are by far the most popular choice for many companies as it provides faster results with less strain and disruption of your existing business.

Packages that combine coaching and consulting are tailored to your company’s gaps and needs. These packages often address multiple strategies at once including sales, marketing, operations, and process development. Based on assessments and phased execution recommendations, GrowthSmart Consulting deploys a team that includes coaches and support staff to provide assistance in creating templates, tools, and resources for deployment. Then, our team supports your business in strategic execution working with your company’s managers and staff members to collaborate on effective solutions and resources.



  • Weekly Coaching and Training with Key Staff Members
  • Weekly Call with Marketing Leader
  • Weekly Sales Training
  • Weekly Sales Management Calls
  • Weekly Process/System Calls
  • Bi-Weekly CEO/Leadership Check-in Calls
  • Monthly Key Performance Indicator Development and Review Calls


  • Reporting Design and Planning; Integration of Reporting into Existing CRM, ERP, or Technology Platforms
  • Development of Tools and Templates for Systematized Execution including Tracking Tools, Guides, Sales Tools, Project Plans, and Process Guidelines
  • Creation of Sales and Marketing Resources and Collateral to Support Deployment of Strategic Sales, Communication, and Lead Generation Strategies
  • Development of Playbooks, Scripts, and Processes for Marketing, Sales, Operations, Business Systems, Customer Service, and Management

Accelerated Growth Mastery Program

Our Accelerated Growth Mastery Program is a hybrid approach between coaching and consulting designed for those companies who are ready to optimize and create marketing, sales and operational strategies to take your business to the next level.

This program works with several people in your organization to create sound systems, processes and strategies that have been proven to create dramatic results in building a world-class marketing and sales organization.

For those companies that need the extra support without the risk of hiring an entire team, this rigorous program will leave you with the support you need to drive results throughout your company.

90 Day Contract with USMS (fees apply) – Everyone on your team will learn to use the system, begin training and understand how to   apply The Ultimate Sales Mastery techniques in day-to-day sales with a 21 day opt out guarantee. Auto renewal every 90 days (unless   annual contract purchased).
Complimentary Organizational Health Checkup and Behavioral Profile Analysis  this process allows you to identify performance   gaps within your company, leadership and management. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to design high-performance   teams within your organization and key strategies around 11 impact areas of your business to enhance profit drivers immediately. –   *only applies if opt-in!
(1) 120 min Strategic Planning, Core Message and KPI Metric Development Call.
(4) 60 minute sessions per month with CEO/ leadership management session(4) 60 minute sessions per month Marketing, Sales Training, Time Management Workshops *coach recommendation(1) 60 minute Customized Systems, Hiring and/or Training Program for new employees with Documentation for Existing structure   and positions (KPI – Workflows – SOP Manuals) – *based on initial assessment and coach recommendation

(1) 60 min. Just-in-time Coaching  This allows the executives and staff to contact their coach directly at any  time for a brief meeting regarding pressing issues that cannot wait until the appointed coaching session, deal coaching or strategic   intervention

15 hrs. of Consulting andIimplementation  This gives you access to an entire team of writers, designers, strategist and consultants   to develop strategies designed by you and your coach.

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