We are a boutique business growth firm. We help executive leadership teams who are looking for ways to drive efficiency, reduce waste in their organizations, drive top-line revenue growth, and improve long-term sustainability of their operational models. We do this by deploying our agile team of experts using a combination of field-tested best practices combined with innovative strategies aligned to client organizations.

Among our customers are Fortune 500 organizations, start-up companies, mid-sized firms, and a wealth of companies in between. To learn more or request a complimentary consultation simply fill out the form below.


Tribal training methodologies causing inefficiencies, waste, and inconsistent customer experience

Lack of balance created by process-centered business models versus customer-centered models

Increase in cost of training, turnover, operational cost, and technology platforms

Lost revenue opportunities, plateaued, or stagnant revenue growth

Poorly defined structure and roles leading to higher turnover, waste, and process duplication

Management and accountability more administrative than performance-driven


The enhancement of existing business process to focus on a customer-centered approach in each division that affects customer retention and revenue

Development of consistent processes that are aligned throughout divisions and corresponding training and accountability tools

Playbook design and development for key roles, divisions, and strategies that align stakeholders and create consistency in training and growth

Design of management training systems and accountability tools that optimize overall clarity for both management and employees



We opened our doors in 2012.


USMS Launch

We launched our Ultimate Sales Mastery Program for small business sales training.


Sales E.D.G.E. Published

The Sales E.D.G.E. was published and reached #1 in several categories on Amazon.


SMB Resource Center

Our Small Business Resource Center was launched with free tools for SMBs.


Our solutions are crafted with a range of unique business needs in mind. Learn more about how we help businesses like yours – whether you’re a small local service company or a global enterprise.


Our enterprise engagements are designed to help you scale rapidly to deploy training content, align global process, improve sales, and optimize profitability among global sales and marketing teams. Learn how we tailor enterprise solutions to add just the right support for your global leadership, sales, training, and marketing teams.


Your business has excelled in many ways to create the success you already have. The key to growth is creating alignment, standardizing processes, and driving new revenue growth. Optimization is key for mid-market companies. Learn how our mid-market solutions can help you optimize what’s working to drive future profitability.

Small Business

With smaller teams, budget constraints, and a need for fast results; small business solutions must be specifically tailored to their unique circumstances of the business. Our team supports your team where you need it and coaches your team to excellence. Learn more about small business solutions and the techniques that help SMBs thrive.


Our consultants, customer service specialists, and partners work tirelessly to be at the forefront of business growth strategy.


LaCosta Lolly

Senior Partner

LaCosta Lolly’s expertise in processes, systems, transparency, and data analysis coupled with her years of management consulting experience have produced substantial results for clients in more than 23 countries and an array of industries. She began her career in the accounting field, quickly climbing the ranks for a technology company. Seeking skills and growth opportunities, she pursued the expansive field of real estate development through the management and oversight of more than $200 million in real estate development projects.

Her passion for the growth and development of small and mid-sized businesses led her to consulting with more than 300 clients. In 2008, she was ranked as one of the top ten freelance marketing and business strategy consulting providers out of more than 20,000 providers worldwide. The success with…

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Trish Biz Pic 10

Trisha Allmon

Senior Partner

Trisha’s is one of today’s leading experts in developing and delivering business strategy and training. Her career in business began at Exxon nearly 25 years ago. It was during those years in working with a global organization that she quickly learned the challenges of implementing effective strategies. In 1996, she purchased a local printing company in Houston and for six years, she acquired major accounts in the Oil & Gas industry including BP, ExxonMobil, Occidental Permian, Halliburton and Schlumberger to name a few; using the very strategies she teaches today in marketing and sales.

After doubling her business year over year, she successfully sold the business to the largest printing company in Houston. From there, Trisha decided to pursue a MBA and soon after launched her own consulting firm and proprietary strategic models. She merged in 2011 with…

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Gene McNaughton

Senior Partner

Regarded as one of the Nation’s most effective Business Growth Experts, Gene McNaughton has spent more than 25 years generating top results for Fortune 500 Companies. Gene’s history of leadership and achievement has made him an accomplished Consultant, Public Speaker and Sales Trainer.

Gene’s 25-year experience includes spending over a decade at Gateway Computers, working alongside Senior Management in leading multiple sales teams. His expertise in sales growth, leadership, management, training, coaching, and development of both Sales & Support personnel has lead him to successes in implementing strategies for organizations ranging from $2 million/year to $2.5 billion/year.

Gene McNaughton has taken his award-winning sales leadership strategies to a …

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