The SIX Key Drivers for Maximum Revenue Growth

April 5, 2020 Trisha Allmon

The SIX Key Drivers for Maximum Revenue Growth

Revenue Chain Management™ (RCM) is a process of understanding customer’s perception of value and accurately aligning your products and services with highly-targeted customer segments to optimize for maximum growth. Simply stated, it’s offering the right product, to the right customer, at the right time for the right price, with the best packaging and targeted promotion to get results.

Over the years, we have been able to apply enterprise business growth principles to smaller companies so they can experience the same type of growth, profitability and sustainability that larger organizations have mastered.

For simplicity and adoption, we’ve boiled it down to specific impact areas. The process is to analyze the entire revenue chain, diagnose the deficiencies then design a Revenue Chain Management™ model that delivers the best value to the customer at a level of predictability and certainty to maximize the companies resources. We call it-

The ZONEMastery System® (ZM) – a complete systematic process designed to help Small Businesses achieve faster and smarter growth, profitability and sustainability.

There are Six Key Drivers in the ZM system to achieve optimal revenue results. The system works with B2B, B2C, B2G and Non-profits. And, it’s been tested in multiple industries and sub-industries around the world because it is based on business principles.

It may surprise you that successfully increasing revenue isn’t always about marketing or selling more products and services. In fact, the companies we investigate that are FAILING to succeed and reach their goals has one or all of these six problems. They are: a People, Systems, Processes or Strategy, Accountability or Implementation.

The root of these problems boil down to lack of leadership, vision, focus, human potential or efficiency. It’s that simple. Our system addresses each of these in a simple, easy to understand format so that small business can fill their gaps and begin to see success.

These six components are designed to create target rich environments in six areas of ZONEMastery®, including:

  • ZONE 1: Personal Performance
    is where we assess personal strengths. opportunities and characteristics while learning how to create an optimal and peak state of performance.
  • ZONE 2: Strategic Performance
    discovers and examines performance across the revenue chain to include positioning, messaging, target audience KPI’s, vision and other strategic key impact areas; looking for effectiveness and capability alignment.
  • ZONE 3: Brand Performance
    reveals areas of improvement in innovation, brand promises, core messages and delivery to make competition irrelevant.
  • ZONE 4: Sales & Marketing Performance
    includes a thorough analysis of market segments, ideal buyers, product and service delivery, customer experience and funnel management including leadership and strategy in these departments.
  • ZONE 5: Leadership Performance
    examine leadership capabilities and opportunities across departments and functions, culture, accountability, training and cross-functionality; uncovers succession planning requirements for long-term growth and sustainability.
  • ZONE 6: Mastering the ZONES
    a look into the organization broadly across the revenue chain to improve efficiency and effectiveness in training, technology, leadership, revenue management, employee and company performance – with the goal being mastery in all areas.

ZONEMastery® was designed to use systematic business principles in a small business setting that can easily be followed for more predictable results rather than haphazardly deploy business initiatives with little to no understanding what works or not. We call this ‘trial and error’ and its killing small businesses everywhere. GrowthSmart has implemented these principles around the globe in every kind of industry and every size business imaginable.

What we’ve learned is that after adapting these strategies to different business cultures and environments, they WORK tried and true with a few minor adjustments depending on the company. Learn from the experts – stop making mistakes that are costing you profitability, sustainability or growth!

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